10 games last year that you should not miss

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Although we have been more than three months now that we have this year, which is leaving us a huge amount of great games, it is never too late to enjoy that game that we left behind. Those games low profile that move away from everything that surrounds big productions, which usually call clogged . 2016 was a very interesting year for the industry and beyond the titles of renowned as Uncharted 4: The Outlaw of the Thief , Overwatch or Dark Souls III , among others, we had the opportunity to enjoy small works that were made a hole in the Heart of some players. Here’s a small personal selection : 10 games you should not miss.

1. The Witness

The game of puzzles by Jonathan Blow did not leave anyone indifferent. It is a first person adventure where exploration and puzzles are the main characters . A completely abandoned island in which the first question that comes to us is why we ended up in it. The Witness proposes to go through a precious and enigmatic environment with total freedom. This is a challenge in which we must make the best of ourselves, since the amount of puzzles, shortcuts and elements available to us can be overwhelming. It debuted in both PC and PlayStation 4, although recently it arrived at Xbox One.

2. Unravel

The adventure that stars the adorable Yarny was announced at during E3 2015 and came to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in mid-February 2016. The presentation trailer captivated viewers with its fantastic visuals. Plataformo and related puzzles that make use of the excellent physics of the game go hand in hand to offer us a trip of the most special . An audio-visual wonder you can get to transmit a lot, with very little.

3. That Dragon, Cancer

Probably one of the most controversial games of recent years. The title of Nominous Games proposes a contemplative experience in which the most fearsome of the spoilers explodes in the face before even putting us to its controls. We already know what it is about and unfortunately, we also know how it ends . If so, let each of you assess if you are prepared to play it? The only requirement to understand his premise is to be human. A game whose final boss can not be defeated. That Dragon, Cancer is not for everyone , but it represents with brilliance something that we do not know if it will ever be to face us in real life.

4. Firewatch

It really is not a covered , since the title by Campo Santo managed to become one of the most acclaimed titles in the independent scene over the past year. One of those ” ride simulators ” that invite us to reflect on some everyday elements that each and every one of us could experience, if we have not already done so. A natural and peaceful environment, a company of the most enigmatic and a mystery to solve to give shape to a title that managed to exceed the most generous expectations.

5. Salt and Sanctuary

The authentic unofficial adaptation of the famous From Software saga to the two dimensions, so to speak. Quality and demand go hand in hand with a complex, challenging and terribly addictive title. If we had imagined what a hypothetical Dark Souls 2D would look like, it would be exactly like Salt and Sanctuary : same mechanics, high difficulty and a complex level design in which it is inevitable not to end up lost for hours. Personally, I consider the Ska Studios game to be the big cover of last year.

6. Hyper Light Drifter

It is a title inspired by the formula of the legendary The Legend of Zelda . We have an open world that enjoys a considerable extent and that houses several dungeons to explore, some other town to visit and, of course, a huge number of enemies to deal with. In addition, the art direction of the game in charge of Heart Machine is a real wonder and, despite not having a specially crafted script, does enjoy a rather interesting background.

7. Layers of Fear

I must admit that I am an unconditional follower of every work of terror. However, I do not have too much esteem to that type of titles in which there are more things to see than to do. Despite this, Layers of Fear conquered me thanks to its theme: a dark and sickly story that invites us to reflect on some of the greatest fears of the human being. I believe that the expression ” giving fear ” is wrong in itself , and that fear can be represented in many possible ways. Fear does not only appear when there are ghosts, monsters or darkness ; We can feel it at any moment because of our actions, in our day to day.

8. Hitman

Okay, it’s possible that I was cast on a list that should not belong as well. To speak of Hitman is to speak of a saga of renown that has left us great games for more than 15 years. However, the latest adventure of Agent 47 moves away from the usual campaigns in both the saga and this type of games and is committed to a very defined concept: replayability . The only way to take advantage of the many virtues of the IO Interactive title is to dedicate many hours to each mission. The number of objectives and small – not so small – challenges that we have at our disposal is practically unlimited . One of the great games of 2016.

9. Stardew Valley

Although it arrived without making any noise, it did not take too long for a large sector of users to name one of the releases of the year. Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are some of the inspiration for Eric Barone, the person who has developed Stardew Valley on his own . A formula that we already know to give rise to one of those ” simulators of life ” able to catch us for hours and hours. He recently came to consoles and premiered both the Spanish translation and the multiplayer features.

10. I am Setsuna

I had doubts about whether to include him on the list or not. It is not exactly an unknown game and, on the other hand, it did not even turn out as good as many users expected. However, this is a JRPG with the Square Enix seal that brought back some of those mechanics that we long for: turn-based combat, a world map to explore and a beautiful medieval universe. A role-playing game like before with all the elements that we can find in great works like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest , among others.

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