The best GPS Apps to Drive with your Android

GPS apps

With the increasing development of our smartphones, and their greater influence in our day to day, one of the many benefits and aids that they offer us, is the assistance to make our trips more comfortable and safe through the applications of GPS. Here’s a selection of the top 6 apps to get to your destination.

Waze-GPS, Maps and Traffic

Waze is an essential app for our phone, it is not only a map application, since it has many more functions, because its operation is like a social network, its data are provided by the community, (data such as accidents, traffic jams , Cut roads …) and depending on these factors calculates the perfect route to reach your destination.

HERE WeGO – GPS, Metro & Bus

Apart from the function of navigation in the car, it adds various functions like travel costs, parking spaces, voice instructions, taxi stops and information of the main cities that are in our route. It also adds the function of synchronizing with BlaBlaCar, that is, when we perform the search for our route, we can share our car or if another driver makes the route to go companions, and thus save on our trip.

Maps: Navigation and transit

The app par excellence, if for some reason stands out is the live information on how the roads are, where the most limp this app is in the offline, you can download maps, but small, for long trips works with the network Data and consumes enough.


It’s a good app idea, it still lacks a bit of development, but it has the warnings of radars and accidents, it shows in the app the live videos of how the roads are, through the whole system of distributed cameras By the main roads of Spain.

GPS Navigator and Sygic Maps

Sygic is the most complete, it has the ability to save the maps of TomTom in the device, and thus to be able to use them in offline, that is to say, without using the network of data. With TomTom maps you will not have problems if you travel abroad, and it also has many functions such as HUD (projection GPS navigation at the height of the windshield), navigation with voice instructions, information on parking and its price. The downside, the first 7 days you have all the premium features, then you will have to pay its price; Now you have an offer with all the premium packages for 24,99 euros until the 16th of this month.

Maps & Navigation – OsmAnd

Maps of the world and of very high quality, can be downloaded and used in the device through GPS and without using network data, all the main functions are developed with or without Internet connection, but it has extra functions that are of Payment (parking, curves …). To this day you can download the Pro version on offer at 50% for a limited time.

If you have not tried any of these apps yet, I encourage you to try them out. And if you use any different do not forget to tell us what it is and why you prefer these options.

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