DC Legends available on iOS and Android

DC Legends available on iOS and Android

We start our test week on JVM with DC Legends, a role-playing game where you can play your favorite heroes, like Superman, Doctor Fate or Green Arrow. The goal of the game will be to fight the dozens of enemies that will face you and unlock new heroes as they go. In addition, you will be able to improve their capabilities and make them go legendary!

Graphically, DC Legends is a very well done game. The sets change for each level and the animations of the different characters are rather successful for a game on mobile. DC Legends is a very simple game to take control of. Fighting takes place on a turn-by-turn basis: click on an enemy to hit him and use the special shots of your heroes wisely!

The life span of the DC Legends game is really consistent, with lots of levels to the key. Eliminate your enemies and unlock all the heroes available during the adventure. DC Legends has a nice soundtrack. Indeed, the developers of Warner Bros. We offer several ambient music as well as a whole panoply of sound effects.

Good news for all fans of DC, you can download the game DC Legends without paying anything at all. Then, free to call in-app purchases to progress faster. DC Legends is therefore a nice role-playing game that offers you a gripping and consistent adventure. Collect DC heroes and improve their abilities to fight all your enemies! To get unlimited resources every day, you can use hacking techniques that exist in this website http://tieinstitute.org/dc-legends-cheats

After launching a pre-registration period on the Google Play Store to be warned of the release of the new DC Comics mobile game, Waner Bros. Entertainment has decided to finally make it available to everyone, both on iOS and on Android. Those who had pre-registered on Google Play have surely received notification, like us, of the availability of the game. They will benefit from a “pre-order bonus” from the launch: the warrior Wonder Woman is offered. We will of course test the game a little more in detail before you talk about it but we can at least show you the trailer and tell you that it is a strategy game in RPG.

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