Facebook seeks 3000 people to watch videos of atrocities

About a month ago we talked about the difficulties on Facebook’s part to manage all the content that is on the platform. And not just any content, we are talking about offensive topics like violence, terrorism, sexual content, even suicides.

The social network of Mark Zuckerberg has approximately 4500 people who help with the review of all this type of publications. What is the problem? They do not reach all, so the platform is looking for another 3000 people who are able to review this type of content and are for the work of seeing quite strong images.

More people to control offensive content

We have already seen some cases in which it has come to publish videos of suicides, even murders that the author himself went to the platform. That is why Mark Zuckerberg has become serious about this issue and has said that they are working to report such content much faster and be able to act as soon as possible.

In addition, the founder of Facebook has added that those responsible for reviewing this type of content will have the freedom to remove content that integrates inappropriate speech or child exploitation. So he hopes that Facebook will improve soon in that aspect.


All of this offensive content is against the terms of service of Facebook, however, Mark Zuckerberg confirms that every week receive millions of reports, so it is a very complicated task that they try to solve to improve the community.

Of course, people who want to collaborate with the social network should know that they will be exposed to horrible images and videos. Things as terrible as the murder of less at the hands of his father, which in case he had little on top he gets on the platform. But what do people think?

Hopefully all this is going to be better, both the speed of Facebook in erasing publications and the mentality of users when uploading such content.

What do you think about the subject? Would you be able to collaborate with Facebook?

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