The best GPS Apps to Drive with your Android

GPS apps

With the increasing development of our smartphones, and their greater influence in our day to day, one of the many benefits and aids that they offer us, is the assistance to make our trips more comfortable and safe through the applications of GPS. Here’s a selection of the top 6 apps to get to your … [Read more…]

Watch Dogs 2: Review Of No Compromise

Watch Dogs 2

After the contents introduced by Human Conditions , expansion pack now available for a while ‘, the story of Marcus and Associates is enriched last DLC planned by the Season Pass: No Compromise . For this final round of the development team by listening to the voice of the community he has changed the original … [Read more…]

DC Legends available on iOS and Android

DC Legends available on iOS and Android

We start our test week on JVM with DC Legends, a role-playing game where you can play your favorite heroes, like Superman, Doctor Fate or Green Arrow. The goal of the game will be to fight the dozens of enemies that will face you and unlock new heroes as they go. In addition, you will … [Read more…]

Persona 5: a masterpiece as expected

Persona 5

After a few years of waiting, more than it seems, we finally have a new delivery of the legendary saga of Atlus in our hands. This Persona 5 has gone out of captain, without much hype, but this fact has nothing to do with the quality that treasures the game, from which we come to … [Read more…]