Persona 5: a masterpiece as expected

Persona 5

After a few years of waiting, more than it seems, we finally have a new delivery of the legendary saga of Atlus in our hands. This Persona 5 has gone out of captain, without much hype, but this fact has nothing to do with the quality that treasures the game, from which we come to tell you what you need to know. For those unfamiliar with the saga who see that number 5 in the title and think that it is too late to catch the narrative train, we will tell you that that does not have to be scary.

The Persona saga is like Final Fantasy , each of the games can be dealt with independently, changing plot and characters from one to another, although they all share certain elements that make veterans rewarded by recognizing these developer winks. This Persona 5 is set in Tokyo , taking the place of a young man who begins in a new institute after having certain clashes with the law. Problems begin when he begins to get accustomed to his new life, and discovers that he has the ability to explore an alternate reality where nothing makes sense.

This reality is formed by large dungeons, or palaces, as they are called in this chapter, which has to be surpassing, but fortunately it will not be alone. Along the way we will find allies, like Morgana, a talking cat; Anna , a young woman who is a little sick of the head; Or Ryuki , halfway between athlete and rocker.

The cast of characters is getting bigger as we advance, and towards the end of the adventure we will have built a relationship with them, both in the real world and in the alternative. We will not tell you the final purpose of the game or important details of the story, it is worth it that you discover it.

As in previous Persona 5 , the game has two distinct parts. At night is when we investigate the dungeons, but when the sun rises, we must go to high school. We must do normal life there, with exams, staying with our friends, taking part-time work after school, etc. It is like a life simulator, for which we have some time to perform activities, since each one eats certain hours of the day, and when night comes we must be prepared to fight. We can use our time to read books that improve our statistics, or build weapons that we will use later. Balancing what we will use our time requires planning, and the more we do, the better it will be.

You will think that all this development is far away from other RPGs , but do not fear, when it begins to darken and you are transported to the other reality you will see why this saga is what it is. Every dungeon we visit is to some extent a replica of a location we have visited in the real world, so that it feels like a dream, this makes it look familiar and different at the same time, the contrast has a positive effect on the experience Playable

Atlus has maintained the usual turn-based combat of the saga, which has been well received since the first Persona 5. If you are new it will take a while to adjust to the system, but not too much. As a novelty has been added the possibility of going with some secrecy around the rooms.

We can always go head-to-head and face the fights with the enemies with no more worries, but now we can also cover ourselves with certain elements of the stage to jump by surprise on them and gain the possibility of attacking first taking advantage.

But this has a counterpoint, and if we fail to keep hidden, a danger meter will go up. If we do it well, it will come down, but if we fill it completely, you will run out of time in the dungeon and we will return to reality and the student life.

Persona 5 forces us to discover the weak points of the enemies to go forward, rewarding you if we do well. As we will always be in tension it is difficult to get bored or tired of the game. You have to be alert at all times.

With a lot of additions, such as extra dungeons to unlock and an outstanding technical section, Persona 5 is one of the best RPGS of recent times. The game may not be for everyone, either because you do not like the game concept, or because it sadly does not come translated into our language.

If that’s no problem for you, you’ll enjoy this game, original as few, entertaining, and with great doses of rarity, we assure you that few titles on the market can rival this Atlus masterpiece. A game that should be in your library without any doubt and that sets the bar very high for future deliveries.

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