How to charge mobile without electricity (Lighting, lights and bulbs)

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Have you ever thought How to charge mobile without electricity not here’s a new article just for you! We all know that apart from our mobile phones, we can’t survive even for a moment. This means that we are completely dependent on our mobile phones.

In general, we can easily charge the phone by plugging it into an electrical plug-in our home or using a wall charger adapter. But if you are away from home or stuck in a place where there is no electricity. So today we will introduce you to some of the methods that you can use to easily recharge your mobile without electricity. So let’s get started.

How to charge mobile without electricity

Here, I will give you information on some simple and easy ways to get you started Mobile Phone Or you can recharge the battery of another gadget.

1. Use the power bank

The Power Bank, also called the Portable Battery Pack, is a great tool for everyday use that is primarily used to charge your smartphone’s battery.

In places where we need to charge our mobile phones, the power bank is very useful. Nowadays, the power bank has started supporting both the output currents required for regular charging (1A) and fast charging (usually 2.1A).

On a joint basis, this is the capacity of the power bank. 10,000 / 10,400mAh, 12,000mAh, 14,000mAh, 20,000mAh That’s enough to charge a smartphone 3 to 4 times. With this, your mobile phone can be easily charged for 2 to 3 days without any electricity.

2. Use a solar charger


So you can use a solar-powered battery charger very easily and everywhere to charge your mobile phone.

I say this because solar energy is a renewable independent source of energy and can be easily found in almost all parts of the world. You can charge not only your smartphone but also other devices. Not just large solar panels Portable solar panel charger It can also generate energy well, which is enough to charge your phone.

At the same time, the best thing is that you get this energy for free, while for other energy you have to pay.

Solar charger built-in battery pack With and without but I think you should take a charger with inbuilt backup (solar bank) so you can use it later.

Loom Solar’s company also makes a similar outdoor portable solar power that offers you a wide range of portable solar chargers.

It has a very popular mobile charging product. “Loom solar 50 watts off-grid solar system for mobile charging

This solar energy system is specially designed for areas where electricity is a major problem. In that case, the product would be very profitable for them. This DC system generates so much energy that it can easily provide electricity that you can easily charge a bulb and your mobile overnight.

we too Loom Solar Have used this product myself and recommend you to use it. Their products are so good that you can use them anywhere, anytime. At the same time, it’s great to charge the phone.

One thing to always remember is that chargers that rely on solar energy should be charged in clear weather.

3. Use your laptop

Mobile charge from laptop

If for some reason you do not have a portable charger or power backup (power bank), you can use your laptop or similar electronic gadget on a power source to charge your smartphone.

Most of us take our laptops on our travels, we can use our laptop battery if we have any problem with mobile charging. All you have to do is connect Laptop USB on smartphone Who are you with Compatible cable You can use phone charging. In that case, you see a popup for file sharing in the laptop screen, just cancel it and focus on recharging the mobile battery.

To reduce the use of your laptop’s resources such as screen power or OS power drainage, you can enter BIOS mode while booting, which saves a lot of your laptop battery. With the help of which you can use this battery in an emergency.

4. Use a car battery charger

Mobile charge from car

Portable car charger Or a jump starter is very important addon equipment used by almost all car users. These jump starters are large battery packs whose main purpose is to avoid a dead car battery.

If you wish, you can recharge your car battery or jump a dead car with the help of coin jump starters. At the same time, some multi-jump starter batteries also have USB ports that you can use to recharge your smartphone battery.

Most jump starters or car battery chargers USB charging ports Mehsud is there, so you can use him to recharge your smartphone. This is because the internal recharging batteries of these jump starters store a lot of power.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. At the same time, I found the best and most economical way to charge mobile using solar energy.

How to prevent phone battery from running out quickly

Now, since we understand how we can recharge a mobile phone without electricity. But more importantly, we can prevent the phone’s battery from running out quickly.

This question often comes to people’s minds. At the same time, here are some ways to prevent our phone’s battery from running out quickly.

1. Dim the display

Minimize the brightness of your mobile phone’s display as much as possible. This will allow you to save a lot of battery.

2. Always keep the phone in a cool place

Do not leave your phone in a hot place, such as inside your car. This is because the phone’s battery drains quickly in the heat. Also, do not refrigerate it. Instead, keep the phone at room temperature.

3. Use less vibration mode

Vibration mode uses a lot of energy, so use as little vibration mode as possible. Instead, you can use ringtone mode, it uses less energy.

4. Turn off features

There are many features in a smartphone that use a large amount of battery. Like WIFI, GPS, Infrared, AirDrop (iOS) and Bluetooth, turn them off if you’re not using them. At the same time, animations of any kind consume the most battery.

What did you teach today

I hope you find this article of mine How to charge mobile without electricity I have always tried to provide readers with complete information on how to bring light without electricity so that they do not find it in the context of this article on other sites or the Internet.

It will also save them time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want to improve it, you can write fewer comments.

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